Steps to planning a garden wedding

Who would not want to exchange their wedding vows in the middle of a magical garden setting? Today, most of the couples prefer to have a natural wedding experience with unique even styles. A garden wedding is a perfect symbol to show their new beginning which reflects the beauty around them. So here we are sharing a few tips of advice that would help you in putting together a successful wedding ceremony.

Consider about the prevailing season

Now that if you visit a garden during April and fall in love with some springtime blossoms, but your wedding date is fixed during October, you need to know that the visual display would not be the same on your big day. However, most of the gardens got something to offer you all the year. But if you are in love with autumn turning of cascades of wisteria or leaves, you need to fix a date which corresponds with the timing of nature.

Dress the background setting

When you have got enough natural splendour around you, you don’t want any additional decorations. But you can always add some personal touches to make it your own space. You can find various designing ideas by surfing the internet, but it would be special if you start with some of your belongings and some of your family. it’s time to get that old china used for your mother’s wedding to make it more heartwarming and that old chandelier the two of you found at a sale. Start looking around you for some inspiration and new ideas as it would lead you to make a more meaningful result.

Consider about the weather

The prevailing weather affects a garden more than it affects any other wedding. So make sure that you arrange some canopies, umbrellas, pop up tents, outdoor fire pits and heat lamps for the guests as they would provide shelter and shade. On the other hand, this stuff would provide a more colourful look for your wedding.

Consider about your outfit

Now that you have set all the other stuff needed to your wedding, you can look forward to your outfit. It is one of the most important things at your wedding, so make sure that you pick a wedding dress that would suit the background. It would be more convenient for you to go to a wedding dress without a veil.


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